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Pause for Peace

Wishes for Peace from the Mayors of San Diego and Our Sister Cities

Susan Golding, Mayor
San Diego, United States of America

Tonight we end a century filled with many great achievements. In the last 100 years, we have accomplished much as a City, as a Nation, and as a global community.

We have seen the skies open up to allow passenger travel and space exploration, as well as the ground open to to urban development and natural disasters.

We have also experienced two World Wars and countless conflicts that have destroyed lives and torn apart countries.

Today, however we stand on the edge of a new Century, and we take a moment to recognize the simple beauty and comfort of peace.

I remember one woman's reflection of the atrocities of war - specifically World War II. After seeing the war first hand, she realized that much to her dismay, she had something in common with Adolph Hitler. She, like Hitler, had a propensity to hate.

She soon determined that she could not live that way. And she would do all she could to combat hate and affliction. That woman became known to the world as a symbol of peace and compassion - Mother Theresa

Tonight, we begin a new millenium. And we are filled with expectations and dreams.

I dream a world in peace.

Tonight, we join all our Sister Cities and the citizens of the World, in a "Pause for Peace".

Let us make the moment of silence a sign of our commitment. A commitment to follow the example of Mother Theresa, and the countless others who have given themselves to promote a world in harmony.

Timoteo O. Encarnacion, JR. City Mayor
Cavite City, Republic of the Phillipines

The future has always been the focus of both fear and optimism. A lot of us have used it as a target for our dreams, hopes and aspirations.

But as we now welcome the advent of the year 2000, the City of Cavite, Philippines joins the rest of the world in wishing everyone a new beginning and an auspicious start.

As we approach the momentous juncture in human history, all of us must collectively work to achieve what the previous generations failed to do the attainment of global peace and worldwide cooperation

Let us not pass up this renewed opportunity to give the children of our children a world that they could really live with.

Wan Joo, Kim
Mayor of Chonju City

Dear San Diego Citizens!

It is my great honor that I can send my greeting as a mayor of your sister city, Chonju in this very moment of welcoming the new millennium.

Chonju is doing out best to prepare the 2002 World Cup, the first global festival in this new millennium. I hope all of you can visit your sister city and I will give my word that I will serve you with all my heart as much as you are my brothers and sisters.

I sincerely wish that the last year was a happy year for all of you and that the new year will be more happy and successful. May all you wishes come true and Happy new year.

The Right Honourable
Eric Milligan, J.P.
Lord Provost, Edinburgh Scottland

I am delighted to have this opportunity of sending a "Wish for Peace" from the City of Edinburgh to our Sister City of San Diego.

As we welcome the dawn of the new Millennium, we all have many hopes and wishes that we would like to come to come to fruition to make our world a better place.

As the year 2000 begins, I wish that in the years ahead, we will see more equality in the world with wealth being spread more evenly between the rich nations and the poor nations. I wish that we might have a more inclusive world where everyone can have access to the opportunites and benefits enjoyed by the more privledged societies and individuals. I wish that we might have a world where great advances are made to combat the dreadful diseases that too many people have to suffer. Most of all I wish that we may have a world where conflict and war can at last be eradicated and where people can live in peaceful co-operation.

It is my hope that some of these wishes will be granted in the years ahead. In the meantime, it is my pleasure to send the very best wishes of the citizens of Edinburgh to the the citizens of San Diego for a happy and peaceful new year

City of Edinburgh Web Page

Yang Jinjing, Mayor
Yantai, Peoples Republic of China

As the new millennium is nearing, I'm greatly honored to be given an opportunity to send a message to your pause for peace ceremony.

Peace is an issue of common concern and also one of the challenges our mankind confront. Maintaining world peace is our due responsibility. As the new millennium is approaching, people of Yantai are willing to make our continuing commitment, together with people of San Diego and all peace loving people around the world, to enduring peace and stability and create a better world where all people will enjoy happy lives under peaceful sky. Then the 21st century will be a century of peace and progress for all people. Let us work together to build a beautiful planet for the 21st century.

Best wishes for success on your millennium celebrations

Manuel Peinado Lorca
Mayor of Alacala' de Henares and President of its City Hall

From this city of art and knowledge, we send a message of peace happiness now that one millennium is ending and another is beginning. To San Diego, our sister city with a multitude of peoples and cultures from the fartherest corners of the world, we want to send a wish for harmony to all our brothers and sisters there.

Alcala' De Heneres will herald in the year 2000, now that we have completed one year since the University of Alcala' and the Historical Site of the City was declared "Cultural Heritage for Humanity", with the hope an desire that we will share it with all sister cities.

As mayor of Alcala', I toast the new year with you and invite you to acquaint yourselves with our city, which awaits with open arms, all citizens of the world

Councillor, Michael W Sutherland, Deputy Lord Mayor
Perth, Australia

The people of the City of Perth send their greetings to the people of San Diego and to the people of its other Sister Cities.

We wish you all the very best for the year 2000 and beyond.

We trust that our bond of friendship will strengthen in the 21st Century and that the Sister Cities movement will prosper.

Yuri M Kopylov, Mayor
Vladivostok, Russia

The Pause for Peace takes place at a historic period for the people's of the earth - at the turn of the century, on the threshold of a new millennium. The beginning of the third millennium is not just an astronomic or time boundary. It is the threshold of a new stage of develpoment in civilization, when one should evaluate the past and set prioirites for the future. In the cirumstances, the importance of sister city ties to strengthing world peace is increased, for establishment of development of such ties between cities of the USA and Russia is the basis for American-Russian regional cooperation. It is the most important factor for the creation genuinely good-neighbor relations between the USA and Russia based on principles, agreed among the leaders of the two countries: trust, close economic sooperation, mutual benefit, and and an empasis on the future.

May this Pause for Peace become one more step on the way towards cooperation and mutual understanding between all the nations of the world in the name of Peace on out planet.

Wen Ying Chang, Mayor
Taichung City, Republic of China

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I would like to offer my warmest wishes to Mayor Golding and all the citizens of San Diego.

I am also sending my wish for worldwide peace as San Diego celebrates the New Millennium on December 31st. As this much anticipated day approaches I hopes my dreams of world peace and good health travel to every corner of the world.

It is also sincere desire of myself and the people of Taichung city that the great friendship between our two cities will last forever.

Once again, my best wishes for a success New Millenium celebration in San Diego and great prosperity for the future.

Jorge Carlos Obregon Serrano, Mayor
Leon, Mexico

We are at the point of ending a century filled with discoveries and feats, great medical and scientific accomplishments, etc. But also a century filled with wars and disasters, not only natural but also provoked by man.

Yet in spite of the great feats and accomplishments, we have yet to reach peace.

For this new millenium, we want to work diligently to establish peace among cities. Sister Cities is an ideal means to understanding between nations, to teach tolerance, respect, and as a result establish peace and happiness for mankind.

We, the citizens of Leon, wish that the citizens of San Diego have peace and happiness today and always, and that our united hearts help spread that peace to other cities around the world.

Hidenobu Takahide, Mayor
City Of Yokohama

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

I understand you are now just moments away from the arrival of the 21st century. Although I unfortunately cannot be with all of you to ring in the New Year in beautiful Balboa Park, I have the pleasure and honor of delivering a message to you on behalf of the 3-4 million people of Yokohama on this historic occasion.

I celebrated the arrival of 2000 with the people of Yokohama at the venue of our "Countdown Festival." The city looked even lovelier than usual last night; red and green searchlights were sweeping its skies, and much of its distinctive architecture was lit up. Each New Year's Eve, all of the boats moored in the port of Yokohama blow their whistles and horns at once and they sounded even more impressive this year.

As you may know, we are about 17 hours ahead of san diego, so are entering the afternoon of the first day of 2000. In Japan, New Years Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year, and is celebrated in the home with the family. In all Japanese homes, families are now gathering together for a feast of traditional delicacies that can only be enjoyed once a year.

Situated about 30 kilometers south of Tokyo, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan. Thanks largely to the good offices of Japanese-American residents of San Diego, we. concluded a sister-city agreement with your city in 1957. Over the more than 40 ensuing years, our two cities have promoted exchange and interaction in numerous fields.

I hardly need to mention that, just a little more than a half-century ago, Japan and America were fighting a terrible war with each other. We must never forget that the firm ties of goodwill now linking our countries were built with a lot of hardship and pain on the part of many. Perhaps those who suffered the most in the war were those who most wanted Japan-U.S. friendship. We. must remain determined to prevent the tragedy of war from occurring ever again.

In 1987, Yokohama was given the title of "peace messenger" by the United Nations. We therefore have a mission of furthering the cause of worldwide peace. In my view, our most vital task is to foster mutual understanding among people in all countries and regions across the globe. This is because wars are bred largely by ignorance and hatred. To build peace, we must nurture knowledge of and goodwill toward people with all sorts of backgrounds and heritages.

In this connection, I would like to add that Yokohama will be the site of the final match of the 2002 World Cup soccer games to be cohosted by Japan and the Republic of Korea. We are currently busy making preparations for this event of global proportions. As I see it, the World Cup brings people from all countries together for a collective experience of joyous festivity and gripping drama through the medium of sports. As such, it is an event that can make a vital contribution to world peace. This is a big reason why we are so proud that the final match of these splendid games will be played in our city.

in closing, I would like to express our warmest wishes for further development ent of the friendship between our two cities and our fervent hope that all people in the world will one day be able to live in peace with each other.

Here's wishing you all a very happy New Year!

City of Yokohama Web Page

Antoni Pietkiewicz
Governor of Warsaw and Mazovia Province, Poland

As the threshold of the new Millennium I enthusiastically support the PAUSE FOR PEACE initiative forwarded to us by our Sister City, San Diego, California. We will join you, Madame Mayor and all citizens of San Diego in dedicating the last ten seconds of the year 1999 to reflect on and to pray for permanent PEACE ON EARTH.

A Governor of Mazovia whose capital, Warsaw was almost completely destroyed in World War II, I am especially pleased to send this message of peace. I also sending this message as a citizen of Poland, a country that suffered tragedies of WW I and WW II as well as oppression during the period of communist totalitarianism. I am joining our compatriot, Pope John Paul II, to pray and work for peace.

Let PEACE live in our homes and in our hearts - all around the world in the New Millennium.

City of Warsaw Web Page

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