Warsaw, 12.12.1999


The Honorable
Mrs. SusanGolding 
Mayor of the City of San Diego

Dear Ms Golding

On the occasion of the Millennial celebration I have the honor to send my special greetings to the City of San Diego, its inhabitants and particularly to its Mayor, Mrs. Susan Golding. I hope that relations between San Diego and Mazovia along with its capital, Warsaw, will thrive.

As a result of the new administrative changes, there are sixteen large regions (voivodships) in Poland. Mazovia, with its capital Warsaw, is the greatest of the Polish voivodships, with over 5 mln inhabitants and an area of 36 000 square km. Mazovia was created out of six former voivodships: Warsaw Voivodship and Radom, Płock, Siedlce, Ostrołęka and Ciechanów voivodships which previously had contacts with many American towns, including some in California.

Thanks to our relationships, we were able to learn and appreciate the great significance of the City of San Diego not only in the United States but all over the world as well. San Diego is famous not only for her economic and cultural achievements but also for many of her important initiatives, including initiating and strengthening the links between Sister Cities on all continents. This fact was confirmed by the „1997 Sister Cities International Annual Conference" in San Diego in which more than thousand members from the USA and fifty countries from all over the world participated.

I believe that our cooperation will not be confined to participation in various meetings and the exchange of information but will also inspire cooperation between scientists, businessmen, representatives of art and culture, as well as between young people, who determine the future of our countries and particularly need international contacts. 

Moreover, in consideration of the Polish restructuring process - I count on the possibility of taking advantage of your broad experience in the implementation of the rules of democracy, the development of self-government and the support of local initiatives. We also need to share our experience and solutions to prevent negative circumstances arising on the margins of civilization. 

I congratulate you on the year-long celebrations in San Diego as well as for preparing to greet new Millennium by organizing major events at EXPO 2000. It is my pleasure to state that the most important celebration will be held in Balboa Park, where among other houses from all over the world can be found a Polish House as well. We are glad to say that the House is under the special care of the Committee of the Sister Cities headed by prof Janusz Supernak who really appreciates cooperation with you and with your associates. I am convinced that the coming years will see the organization of many San Diego - Mazovia events.

I would like to express my thanks for the hospitality experienced by our representatives during their stay in San Diego. I shall be honored to host you and your associates in our Voivodship at a time suitable to you.

Yours sincerely
Antoni Pietkiewicz