Cities Worldwide
Observing the Pause for Peace

Sister Cities Millennium Starship Network


Last Updated 12/31/99


Anchorage, Alaska

Telephone 907.343.4419
Fax 907.343.4499
Linda Jay Jackson

PBS is covering the turn of the century around the globe. ANCHORAGE has selected as the site to be televised for the final turn (we are about the last in the world to see 1999 out and 2000 in). Anchorage has been preparing a big event downtown for over a year. And...I have arranged for them to do the Pause for Peace--so theoretically you should be able to see/hear them, say 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-PEACE-Happy New Year! from Anchorage on your own little TV. Now that is the plan.


Phoenix, Arizona
Telephone 602.534.3751
Fax 602.557.6366
Paula West

Phoenix will be adding the Pause for Peace in their pre=count up programon the December 31st activities.

Tempe, Arizona
Telephone 480.838.5000
Fax 480.838.6366
Richard Neuheisel


San Bernardino, California
Telephone 909.882.5425
Thelma Press

San Bernardino will be forming a human chain PEACE that will be filmed by helicopter. San Bernardino sister cities have all been invited to take a moment and Pause with a thought for peace on December 31, 1999.

San Diego, California
Kathleen Roche-Tansey
Fax 619.231.3237

Liz Hinkle
Telephone 858.695.6673
Fax 858.695.9560

As part of the Balboa Park Exposition 2000 the"PAUSE FOR PEACE will be celebrated in historic Balboa Park in the courtyard of the Museum of Man between 8:00p.m. -9:00p.m.. The countdown will be keyed to the Times Square Event.

Music - Band, "Eclipse"
Solo - "Count on Me" by Natassia Hall, member of Scripps Ranch High School Women's Ensemble

Presentation of Mayor's Wishes for Peace by Sister Cities representatives and dignitaries. The Honorable Mayor Susan Golding, presents San Diego's wish. Candles will be lighted for each city.

Chonju, Korea
Edinburgh, Scotland
Leon, Mexico
Tema Ghana
Taichung, Taiwan
Alcala, Spain
Tijuana, Mexico
Vladivostok, Russia
Warsaw Province, Poland
Perth, Australia
Campinas, Brazil
Cavite, Republic of the Philippines
Yantai, China
Yokohama, Japan
San Diego, CA

Song - Scripps Ranch High Women's Ensemble; Nancy Shirley, Director

Mayor Susan Golding starts countdown -- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3, 2, 1, PEACE

Closing song "Let There Be Peace On Earth"

Santa Fe Springs, California
Betty Wilson
Telephone 562.868.0511
Web site

Santa Fe Springs, with First Night International, is planning an event for hundreds of residents and will include the PAUSE FOR PEACE at 11:55 p.m..

Los Angeles, California
Stelle Fuere
Telephone 714.893.6534
Fax 714.893.6534


Atlanta, Georgia
Gia Gaspar Taylor

The plan will include a small ceremony on December 31, 1999 @ 6pm, gathering together the city's topofficials. Religious leaders will be leading candle light services. The Georgia UN Director will broadcast a two hour televisionprogram to the Caribbean and Latin America for Human Rights Day, December 10, 2000.


Maui County

Mayor Kimo Apana the mayor. on the radio, to encourage all to hold Event hands and take a pause for peace. a few seconds before midnight.


Chicago, Illinois
Telephone 312.744.1372
Fax 312.744.2178

The main Chicago Millennium Event occurs at a millennium meal in McCormick Place. Their world of international is represented by two representatives from every country of the world. They are determining the best place to insert the PAUSE FOR PEACE in their planned ceremonies.

Palatine, Illinois
Susan Minott
Telephone 847.359.9054
Fax 847.359.9094

The city is selling brass Millennium Bells with Palatine's Logo and 2000 engraved on them. Proceeds to to build Palatine's volunteer plaza, which will include a French garden to honor Palatine's French Sister City, Fontenay-Le-Comte, France. Residentsare being asked to "ring in the new millennium" with their bells, count up to the millennium and replace 2 with the word "Peace.


Hayes, Kansas

Doing Magic Fire Laser Presentation which includes the PAUSE FOR PEACE,


Cincinnati, Kentucky

On New Year's Eve the bell will be rung every hour. This ringing will be broadcast and will include participants from all around the world performing native rituals, while wearing native costumes, as well as, leaders of church and state.

Lousiville, Kentucky
Sharon Receveur
Alicia Sells, Press Officer, City of Louisville

11:45pm -- During the last 15 minutes, in a very public presentation, the SC Louisville initiative called "Peace Through Understanding", working with the media will welcome the new millennium via each sister city.


Minneapolis, Minnesota
Eileen Kilpatrick, Manager Special Services Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Phone 612.661.4844
Fax 612.661.4789

A citywide celebration, the Minneapolis Millennium Countdown, coordinated by the Parks and Recreation Board. They will observe the Pause for Peace.


Kansas City, Missouri
Jo Anna Edgerton
Phone 816.235.5460
Fax 806.333.2222]

l. Mayor Kay Barnes and the City Council passed a resolution and ordinance endorsing and inviting citizens to "pause for peace," etc. Per my request the Kansas City city forwarded a copy of it to SCI. Event

2. The World Headquarters for Unity is in Kansas City and the Unity Temple on the Plaza will celebrate the new millenium with a peace mediatation, burning bowl service and a "pause for peace."

3. A press release was sent to electronic and print media after the Mayor and Council passed the resolution.

4. The KC Sister City Association has been spreading the word as have other International organizations in Kc like People to People and the United National Association.


Lincoln, Nebraska
Patricia Leuschen
Telephone 402.390.7698

City will host "PAUSE FOR PEACE" Laser Millennium done by MAGIC FIRE.

New Hampshire

Keene, New Hamprshire
Molly B. Lane, Coordinator Monadnock Millennium
99 Wyman Road, Keen, NH 03431
Telephone 603.357.1218

Re-creation of Times Square in downtown Keene on December 31, 1999.

New Mexico

Sante Fe, New Mexico
Becky Ellis
Phone 505.984.6760
Fax 505.984.6679

New York

New York City, New York
Theresa Behrendt
Phone 212.319.9300
Fax 212.319.3430

In collaboration with Times Square 2000, there will be two minutes set aside for a candle lighting and a Pause for a Minute of Peace.

Rochester, New York
Nancy Huppert
Telephone 716.342.7327
Fax 716.342.7327


Toledo, Ohio
Ann Galloway


Austin, Texas
Sarah Wimer
Telephone 512.499.3485
Fax 512.499.2344

Renata Anderson
Telephone 512.327.1730
Fax 512.327.4048

The City of Austin is having a huge party called A2K on Congress Avenue with major local musical stars, such as Lyle Lovett. Liz wants the Mayor to include the Pause for Peace in the countdown to midnight. This will be at the 9th Street stage when the music ends at 11:45 p.m..

Fort Worth, Texas
Brian Barnard
Telephone 817.347.6605
Fax 817.347.6650

Mary Palko
Telephone 817.926.2799
Fax 817.926.5202

8:00 PM People's Plaza Party Opens. non-alcoholic family event Main Stage-Incognito and Robert Elle Band Corner cowboy performers 9:00 PM Y2 (5)K Midnight Run registration begins 10:30, Race Starts 11:15, Pause for Peace and Count up Ceremony begins (sponsored by NBC, ABC Radio and the Star Telegram News) Messages of peace from FW's 6 mayors accompanied with a separate laser strobe light shown on side of office building (50ftx50ft). All city choir performs 5 songs including an original composition called "PAUSE FOR PEACE."

Mayor Barr to lead downtown and the home audiences in a PAUSE FOR PEACE Countup-Mayor Barr and children count up 10-9....Happy New Millennium. Fireworks off the tops of the buildings. Photos encouraged to capture family and friends at the stillpoint Local vocal star, with choir begin sing along-traditional and patriotic songs 1:00a.m..

Dallas, Texas
Lolis Longoria
Telephone 214.670.7072
Fax 214.670.3612

Pause for Peace shortly before midnight during a City Celebration and the re-lighting of the Pegasus horse sculpture.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso Pause for Peace shortly before midnight as part of the Millennium celebration.

Southlake, Texas

Mayor Rick Stacy declared December 31, 1999 PAUSE FOR PEACE Day with a Proclamation approved by the City Council.


Roanoke, Virginia
Joyce S. Johnson
Telephone 540.853.2444
Fax 540.853.1145

Mayor Bower's Office Will observe the Pause for Peace, by city proclamation.


Seattle, Washington
Cornell Amaya

Tacoma, Washington
Janice Brevik
Telephone 253.798.6727
Fax 253.798.6604

Tony Anderson
Telephone 253.761.8499

Joining with First Night International Celebration a Pause for Peace will be observed prior to midnight.


Charles Stokke
Fax 715.235.0888



Country Wide Directed by ArchBishop of Canterbury and the Prime Minister to dedicate Event the last 5 minutes..11:55PM for the Millennium Moment.



Dr. Jun-Jie Wang Beijing will celebrate the year 2000 with a candle lighting ceremony at the Great Wall at 11:59 p.m..


Telephone 403.268.2000

Phoenix's Sister City Carol Ryder, Ex. Director of Calgary 2000 is coordinating a $500,000 New Year's Eve Celebration, Canada's largest, with tens of thousands of people which will be broadcast on national Canadian TV. The Mayor is planning to dedicate the Minute of Peace.

Fiji Islands

Udu Point

The Millennium Fiji Ltd will coordinate the illumination of 180th Meridian Event with pytotechnic flares and an art event at 11:57 p.m..


Gert Hof c/o Atvision online GmbH
Chausseestrase 19,
Berlin, Germany

Art in Heaven New Year's event features 3.8 million watts of electricity, huge spotlights and massive fireworks. It will also feature the premiere live performance by Mike Oldfield of his new "Millennium Bell". The event is expected to draw 500,000 people to the Victory Column at the center of the Tiergarten.

Ruth Mereine-Gurke
Telephone 011.49.651.718.3020 3028
Mayor Helmut Schoer (Fort Worth's Sister City)
Trier mayor's office 011.49.651.718.3028


Mayor's office is organizing a Peace Parade to celebrate the millennium.



We will have their plans for the PAUSE FOR PEACE soon.


lr.R.Hibarni Andam Dewi, Head of City Department,

Jl.Wastukancana No. 2
Telephone 432338-432339-432369-43370
Wartel Pajajaraw
Telephone 62 22 641339

We are enclosing a Peace Message from the Lord Mayor of Bandung to our sisters and brothers in Fort Worth.

Moreover, we are also interested in joining the counting down to the New Year of 2000 together with the people of Fort Worth by inserting our ideas of peace as follows:10-9-8-7-PEACE-4-ALL-2-1-New and Better World.

Thank you for your concern and we are looking forward to hearing any further news regarding the event and the planning for the year 2000.


Borobudur 100 Thousand Candle Light Offering Magelang - Java Ceremony for World Peace.

Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation Peace Messengers - approx. 200 people.

December 31, 1999

The 100 Thousand Candle Light Offering will be held at the Stupa of Borobudur or Borobudur Peace Mandala, one of the most important and holy Buddhist monuments on Earth. Borobudur is part of UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. It dates back from the 8th Century and is said to be built on top where Buddha Shakyamuni manifested the Kalachakra Mandala!

This year as part of the 3rd Millennium Celebrations the group will offer 100,000 candle lights for World Peace. The candles will be light directly on the four sides of the stupa which is similar in shape to a piramide, but has 10 levels of terraces, where the candles will be light. All friends are welcome to join. Manohara Guest House, c/o Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation.

Daniel Calmanowitz
Telephone +62 293 88138


Tel Aviv

IFLAC and Women for Peace Forum in Honor of Anat will light the Jubillenium candle and observe a minute of peace.


Vatican Ambassador (Holy See) to the Holy Land will lead a candle lighting ceremony at the Ambassador's headquarters at 11:59 p.m..


Reggio Emilia

Barbara Mayor Spaggiari's Office Reggio Emilia, Italy (Fort Worth's Sister City). I would like to inform you that we are preparing a slide and photograph of our Mayor Antonella Spaggiari with our city on the background and a message of peace she would like to give to you.

As for the plans we have to welcome the new millennium apart from the plays that will take place in our theaters, there will be an exhibition at Galleria Parmiggiani-opening on the 18 of December 99 till 31st of December 2000. Artists well known at a national level, itinerant musical attractions will tour the city from 5:30 PM of the 31st of December. On Piazza della Vittoria there will be an ice rink with ice dance and music from now till the 9th of January 2000. On the 31st of December 1999 on the external side of Municipal theatre "Valli" will be placed a maxi screen connected with other cities all over the world to follow the new year celebration at every hour.


At midnight, the Franciscan Missionaries of mary will host a community prayer service for Peace and Non Voilence.


The Vatican Committee 2000 is organizing a candle lighting ceremony dedicating the last minute of the millennium, 11:59pm, to a thought for peace. Jubilee.



Masahiko Kobayashi, Director of International and Cultural Affairs
Telephone 0258 39 2207
Fax 0258 39 2280

Fort Worth's Sister City. Mayor Tamio Mori is strongly supporting the PAUSE FOR PEACE and on December 31st, the program is as follows:

10:00 PM - Opening Ceremony, declare that is even is held for peace. Concert performances by professionals-amateurs.

11:45 - Go outside concert hall.

11:58 - Pray for peace for about 20 seconds.

11:59 - Count down Jan 1, Fireworks, Message from new mayor, sing along together.

1:00am - Close of event.



Alex Ole Magelo, Chairman Denver/Nairobi Sister Cities Committee


Tijuana Mayor's office, Luz Maria Da-Villa
Telephone 619.239.1052
Fax 619.267.0820
Home 619.267.9071 or 619.239.1053

San Diego's sister city is developing a program to do the PAUSE FOR PEACE.


Waiting for their details for the PAUSE FOR PEACE.


Zygmunt Gutowski, dyrektor Wydzialu Promocji i Wspólpracy z Zagranica
Mazowieckiego Urzedu Wojewódzkiego pl. Bankowy 3/5;00-950 Warszawa
Telephone (48-22) 695 6216;
Fax(48-22) 620-99-40"

Governor Antoni Pietkiewicz of the State of Mazovia, which includes the capital city of Warsaw, is encouraging PAUSE FOR PEACE activities in his province December 31st. Congratulation for your wonderful campaigne and efforts to join all people and cities all over the world. We are reading your page Cities WorldWide and waiting when you put message from Poland. Our media are very interested in this campaigne. Our Governor is the first who announced Pause for Peace in Poland! Now he is sending the letter to all organizes including there is special International Ecumenical Meeting of Taize Community in Poland for 70,000 young people to join their prayer to your campaigne too.



Russian Millennium Committee is organizing a candle lighting ceremony and a moment of Peace in Red Square at 11:59 p.m..



Lake Bled is planning a Dec. 30th event of launching hallowed eggs with candles in them on the lake while the residents join hands and sing traditional songs to celebrate the new millennium.



The Dhammakaya Foundation is coordinating a new years eve event with a moment of peace and candle lighting ceremony.